Progressive Life of Bexar County is a private provider of Home & Community based residential services.  Progressive Life is licensed by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and is committed to providing the highest quality of care to the individuals we serve.  We offer individuals opportunity to grow and develop in all aspects of their lives.  Our services include residential assistance, case management, nursing, counseling and therapies, adaptive aids, health and dental treatment. 

Individuals participate in a variety of community activities which include dances, restaurants, movies, and other local attractions.  Each individual has the opportunity to participate in a community based day program or workshop. 

Our philosophy is to provide high quality services while placing emphasis on the options and choices for the individuals we serve.  Our primary goal is to promote the highest level of independence.  Progressive Life of Bexar County is committed to ensuring that each individual and their family remains an integral part of a team.  Our teams of experienced and caring professionals are committed to ensuring that each person is afforded the opportunity to make choices and participate in the care plan process.